I have been teaching the Oriental healing art of Shiatsu on both land and water for more than 25 years now. During these years I have been blessed with many wonderful personal healing sessions and without a doubt Kinesiology from Ms. Asami Suzuki was one of the most effective and unique healing experience I have ever experienced. I would like to share with you a short story illustrating why this healing modernity is so different from the others and affects not only the symptoms but also assists in a life transformation at its core.

Usually when I receive healing work, I have clear symptoms such as a headache or maybe shoulder tension. It was much the same when I met Asami, although through her healing touch, she discovered something far deeper than the symptoms in need of healing. She connected with my unconscious and listened to my true inner voice which really needed to be “heard” and released ~ letting go ~ my unnecessary commitment I had made many years before. It was the voice from “my soul”.

My request for a healing session was about insomnia that I thought was caused mainly from my internationally traveling schedule and the difficulty as I get older to calm my mind. However, Asami found through gently communicating with my inner energy, something very different that was preventing my soul purpose. My insomnia was at least partly affected by a commitment I had made to myself many years ago. It may sound strange but in the process of her healing session I clearly remembered that specific commitment that was not at all helping for my life. It was clear to me it was time to let go!

After the treatment I did feel different and felt a deep burden was being released from my heart but true “awakening” and “healing” had just begun. Shortly after her session I was getting ready to travel to California for a teaching engagement and I could sense something different in my body was happening. Yet what I registered was simply “I was very happy and ready to go for my passion of teaching in the coming weeks”. However, my body was preparing not just for the coming weeks but rather for the coming of the rest of my life.

The first night after arriving I felt so deeply rested and somewhere around 4 or 5 am California time while I was sleeping I had a very powerful dream. In this dream I was holding a white snake which seemed completely frozen. Her eyes were closed and I could clearly feel the coldness radiating out from the inside and a sense of lifelessness. I started gently and slowly massaging this small snake and then began noticing that she was slowly coming back to life. Suddenly without any warning her eyes opened widely with an angry expression and fiercely bit the tip of my index finger which is also the exact acupuncture point of the Large Intestine 1. I didn’t feel much pain but I did see some strange white liquid being injected into the Large Intestine point and my body became very very cold.

The Snake is the symbol used for both healing and medicine. It has the energy of transformation. When I woke up that morning after the dream, I didn’t feel that much difference in my body, but I did clearly remembered the moment of snake’s bite. About 12 hours later, as I was preparing for my class at Harbin Hot Springs, I suddenly began feeling an extreme coldness especially within my digestive system. I know very well from my healing work that this type of cold sensation generally comes to me as energy that passes from my clients to me when I awaken their old negative memories. It is, in a sense, like a frozen negative feeling hiding within their bodies. This feeling I felt was very similar, yet it was so much more intense!! I knew instinctively I needed to warm my body, so I made myself some hot tea, and I also wrapped myself up within a thick warm blanket. My whole body began shaking with intense cold for a while, then suddenly I started to release intensely from the large intestine – diarrhea.

I knew instinctively that this was something very deep letting go, both mentally and spiritually. What was really surprising for me was just how long the process lasted — an entire week! I know I had not eaten anything wrong and my energy levels were just fine, but my body still needed to release and something very deep. On Thursday during the medicine wheel ritual performed by the medicine woman at Harbin, my inner self clearly showed me that it was about my negative feeling of “guilt” and “shame”. It was probably a feeling I had felt a long time ago — particularly when I left Japan over 30 years ago. I had hidden those feelings in the deepest level of my soul, and then I came here to the USA.

Through the session with Asami, she helped me see that I had committed myself so deeply that I would never return Japan.

Each time I used the bathroom during this process, I would touch the Large intestine points with a deep knowledge that I was releasing something very important. I felt I was letting go of something from the unconscious levels of feeling.
After that week of intense releasing, I knew I was shedding my old skin like a snake. Yes, I am still “” but I am not holding negative feelings anymore in my soul. Yes, I have a dream for my future and I feel I can now see even more clearly my visions and dreams. I felt I was finally seeing and recognize my “soul purpose” and why I am here.

My life has changed since I received this session with Asami.

I would like to finish this story with the vision I saw at the medicine wheel ritual that week. This ritual I often incorporate into my classes at Harbin Hot Spring because a very special woman helps me and my students to explore our inner energy. I often tell my students that this ritual is Shiatsu for the soul. In this sacred ritual I had a vision that Asami was with me and gently guiding me to my Japanese ancestor after the process of letting go and transforming my negative past about Japan. She bathed me and dressed me in a very sacred white cloth (Kimono) and leaded me to see my grandfather. My Grandfather gave me a cup of tea which was very black and tasted somehow like my many years of “soul” essence. I felt I had returned back to my “home” and Asami was sitting next me without using any words like my sacred guide. I realized that she was

my guide through either her kinesiology treatment or maybe a messenger from my ancestors. Thank you Asami, for both your assistance and guidance, taking me home. What I find as the most incredible part of this healing is that – Asami has told me “Anybody can do this healing work”.

One of the missions of my life is that “I would like to be a spark for others”. This healing modality “Kinesiology” will be one of my favorite tools to enhance sparking others because to find the essence of “life purpose” must be the ultimate spark.

I can’t wait to take this course and “YES” I will see you in next class soon!

” ” ” ” Love and Appreciation from my Soul ” ” ” ” ” ” Shinzo



ーIntegrated Healingを受けて by Shinzo Fujimaki








彼女は私の潜在意識に繋がり、本当に聞くべきだった、真のインナーボイス(内なる声)を聞いてくれたのです。私が手放すべきことーそれは、自分が何年も何年も前にした不必要なコミットメント(約束)。 それはまさしく私の”魂”の声を聞く作業でした。












































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