Earth News Letter

You know, food is such 〰 it’s a hug for people.
Rachael Ray

食はxxxxって良くいうでしょう? 食は私たちのハグじゃない?

Summer is nearing its end and I truly hope it has been a joyful and playful experience for all you. Excitement light and warmth (summer fire) is so much fun, our nervous systems are in full swing, embracing and celebrating each moment’s fullness. Yes, summer truly is the most yang energy element in the seasonal cycle. Because of this high-energy time, we do tend to over eat or eat just about anything to fill our stomachs, but naturally our digestive system also becomes over worked and very tired towards the end of the summer.




Now our bodies and our minds are preparing to face the energy of autumn. This is when leaves begin falling from the trees, covering the earth in preparation for the winter (the ultimate yin energy and the Water element). It is now very important to begin nurturing (earth) and taking extra care of our digestive system, otherwise we could have a very difficult time facing the energy of metal. (earth is mother of metal). In fact, I believe most depression happen during the autumn months or have their roots in autumn, because one’s earth is not strong enough to support and nurture the metal element.





I would like to share something here to assist in cultivating and nurturing the earth element. One of the most important aspects of the earth element is embracing who we are with joy and love. Its expression is much like a hug, embracing who we are. Let’s look at the expression of a hug. First when we hug, we open our arms to embrace our friends with a smile. Then we become one with our friend in our arms – or we could say we merge our hearts. It is something like two fires becoming one – it is the merging of our heart essence. We are not judging what is right or wrong, just accept togetherness. It feels so good and safe being together – connecting heart to heart.




抱擁の表現を見てみましょう。私たちが抱擁をするとき、私たちは笑顔で腕を友に開き抱擁します。腕の中で私たちが一つにとなり、お互い心を融合させることができます。それは2つの炎が1つの炎になるのと似ています – それは私たちの心が一つになることです。私たちは何が正しいか間違っているかを判断せず、ただ一緒にそのまんまをお互いに受け入れます。心と心をつなぐように、それは一緒にいてとても気持ちがよくお互いに安心できます。

There are so many different diets but that is not my point, rather I believe eating should be done from a place of love enjoying the foods so fully, just like a hug from my best friends and or loved ones with an open heart. I believe when foods are very tasty, it is important to express how tasty this food is and really embrace the energy of “tasty”. Oh yes, when I eat juicy foods, I become juicy and love expressing how juicy it is. Would you like to be a juicy person? As a matter of fact, we are what we eat!

ダイエット法はとてもたくさんありますが、それは私のポイントではなく、私の親友や愛する人たちからの抱擁のように、食べ物も完全に楽しむことが大切です。私は食べ物がとても美味しいと感じた時、食べ物がいかに美味しいのかを表現し、本当に「おいしい」エネルギーを楽しみ食物と共に”美味しい”エネルギーを消化します。もちろん私がジューシーな食べ物を食べるときは、”ジューシーだね”と思い切って表現します。あなたはジューシーな人になりたいと思いませんか? そうですよね、私たちは私たちが食べた食物の創造なのです。

It is very easy and natural to evaluate or judge what food is good for you – and it is truly important to choose a conscious diet yet my only advice on the actual choice is to think about alive foods as much as possible. Yes, when we put food into our mouths, it will eventually become part of us. I love to try to eat all kinds of foods with abundant curiosity and even with the mind of an adventurist. I believe in this way I nurture the very soul of wonder and adventure in myself – and yes, I become very adventurous. One important point from my perspective I would like to share is that I am very careful about eating when I am upset, I don’t eat with the energy of anger. I believe that I would only cultivate the soil (earth) of anger.



My beloved Asami and I are now teaching Tantra regularly in Japan – and we both feel very strongly about and believe that eating with lots of love and appreciation is a very important part of “Tantra”. We often cook together and eat together almost all of our meals – with joy and appreciation. “美味しいね”、it is always very “tasty” and we thank each other for the food and the wonderful companionship. We all eat the same foods and share exactly the same feeling of joy, thankfulness and appreciation for the food. It naturally becomes our common soil (earth) and we all place very similar “dream” seeds in this soil. It is much like we are creating the “sacred” garden together for our dreams with love and appreciation. We share and know that this will attract so many wonderful things into our garden.


そして私たちはたくさんの愛と感謝の気持ちで食べることは “タントラ”の非常に重要な部分だと強く信じています。私たちはよく一緒に料理をし、喜びと感謝の気持ちで多くの食事を一緒に食べます。 「美味しいね」と言いながら食べ物と素晴らしい友情にお互い感謝します。私たちは毎日のように同じ食べ物を食べ、喜びと感謝の気持ちを分かち合います。それは自然に私たちの共通の土壌(土の要素)になり、我々はこの土壌に二人の「夢」の種を蒔きます。愛と感謝の気持ちで私たちの夢のために一緒に”神聖な庭園”を作り上げているような感じです。私たちは、これが私たちの神聖な庭にたくさんの素敵なものが集まって来ることを知っています。

We are not only what we eat, but also cultivate the very soil of our dreams.


Yes, one last thing about enjoying foods and cultivating our soil (earth) and that is about “chewing our foods well”. In Japanese we say”よく噛み-chewing well(神-spirit)ながら食べる- when eating”。It even sounds very similar “spirit” and “chewing well”. We place our chopsticks on the plate and completely enjoy chewing – it is like when we chew well we become one with the full spirit of foods.


I often imagine chewing is like a farmer taking care of their soil, making it more alive and vibrant. Soil has a very sensitive balance, it can be fermented (alive) or rotten (dead) depending on how we take care of it. Chewing well is like creating a very good relationship/friendship between us and our foods, which is also reflected in the blending process with your emotions. Simply put, chewing well means we put more “life fire” into our food.


Foods become more alive through chewing well consciously,
and food is digested with your mind as well.


Let’s appreciate our spirited and lively foods, enjoying every bite. Yes, our digestive system does create wonderful “Love” blood when nurtured and chewed with our love and joy – and then circulating this “Love” and nurtured blood though out our bodies and minds. Connect your heart to the foods you eat, and in return the heart of your foods will love you back with fertile soil.


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